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[19 Jan 2018|05:06pm]


Hey all! Toby here.

Just wanted to apologize for being so spacey lately. My body's been messing with me lately, everything from wrenched up back to sleepy spells that've lasted a few days.

Buuuut I appear to mostly be all over that so I should be back to full time gaming! If Anders or Steve are owed anywhere and I haven't already responded, please let me know, I'm still catching up mentally :P

Private to Negan [13 Jan 2018|08:33pm]


I have a fucking brother?

[13 Jan 2018|07:13pm]


I've done a full perimeter. Twice. Scouted all the floors. Twice. And without a single doubt in my mind, I can say that this is one of the most fucked up goddamn places I have ever been in my entire fucking life. Pardon my language.

Now I have seen some weird ass shit, but the shit roaming around here takes the cake, and I do not have nearly enough ammunition with me to keep control over whatever the hell keeps creeping around these halls. But I did find a fairly sturdy metal pipe in the basement that seems to be doing the trick more often than not. Got a good reach on it, good heft, nice solid structure. But it wouldn't hurt to have someone to cover my ass while I put together something a little more ranged that don't take bullets if you catch my drift.

One thing I can say about this shithole we found ourselves bunkered down in, though, is that the coffee ain't half bad. Kitchen might smell like a fucking morgue, but the coffee is perfectly fine. That helps keep the wheels going.

Mod OOC Notice [11 Jan 2018|06:47pm]



Starting with this plot (Silent Hill), every in-game week/dimension jump will have ONE WHOLE MONTH of real playing time. Plot updates and dimension changes will now be posted on the first Monday of the month. Y'all now have until February 5th to plot and scene and write out your Silent Hill experiences (but remember, to your characters, only a week passes).

Any questions, pop them up on my Discord.


[11 Jan 2018|03:59pm]


Um Hello? I'm Luke. Luke Skywalker? I've just arrived.

Where exactly am I?

Also what are these siren things? They started a few minutes after I arrived?

Video Post (after the Siren starts on day 1) [10 Jan 2018|07:22pm]


[In her room, which has already started to melt into the Otherworld, and Margaery is obviously panicking, though she's trying very hard not to look like it]

"Please... someone, anyone, tell me what in the name of the bloody gods is happening?!"

[09 Jan 2018|08:25pm]


Who: Carl and Judith
What: Grimes Family Reunion!
When: Monday
Where: Judith’s Room
Warnings: Hopefully nothing, but TBD
Status: In progress

A Typical Grimes Family Get-Together )

[09 Jan 2018|04:56pm]


I can't say my nightmares have ever been quite this interactive before.

Voice post. Claire's voice is angry, but that's a coping mechanism. [09 Jan 2018|04:22pm]


Dean, gone.
Cas, gone.
Eliot, gone.
Q, fucking gone.

Fuck my fucking life.

[09 Jan 2018|11:47am]


Hello, lovely new group! 💕

I’m Lenore and I’m bringing in three characters. The ones that I have finished right now are Carl Grimes (TWD) and Billy Russo (The Punisher, MCU). Jughead Jones (Riverdale) will be along shortly, following a much needed Season 2 reboot of his profile.

Carl is my favorite murder!baby, and I think everyone here already knows who he is. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Grimes family reunion, and any other plots anyone is interested in doing. Throw things his way; he'll figure it out!

Billy Russo is a “security contractor” who dresses all the skeletons in his closet in Armani, and is completely and totally trustworthy in every way. So if you’d like a much cooler Dad than Frank, let him know. He’ll teach you where all the pressure points are and tell you if you aren’t blending your foundation to your neck.

If you want to get in contact with me to plot or just to chat, my discord is ImmoralBeloved#7009. Sometimes I get sucked into the deep dark hole of grad school, so if I haven’t replied to something in a timely manner feel free to remind me! Also feel free to hit me up to download research papers for you, because paywalls are a blight on humanity.

Voice post [09 Jan 2018|11:23am]


Uh....hello? Can anyone hear this? Mind explaining to me what the fuck is going on?

[08 Jan 2018|10:44pm]


Not the vacation I was expecting.

[09 Jan 2018|02:34am]


Hey y'all

I bring you Sam Winchester. He's fresh out of season 12 (cos I'm not caught up on 13 yet) and he's gonna be super upset his brothers not here to help him try to bust everyone out of Hotel hell. His info can be found in his app for anyone not familiar with him. This is ma laziest intro ever.
Anyway, he's friendly unless you try to kill him or any of his peeps, and he's one of those hero types without really meaning to be so he might well white knight you if he thinks you're in trouble.
Hit me with your best plot!


[09 Jan 2018|11:44am]


Oh Hai. Alex back with her third. This is Luke. He's my bb. He's not quite a naive farmboy anymore coming from the end of RotJ. He's in 406 with Stevie poo Rogers *g*.

Alex (w/ Peggy & Victoria as well)

[08 Jan 2018|04:10pm]


Who: The Candy Twins (Hansel & Gretel)
What: Gretel gets her brother back, before the elevator eats him.
Where: Lobby
When: Monday morning
Rating: The twins should have their own language filter.

After everything she'd been through, she couldn't be sure. )

Time Update Jan 8 - Jan 22 (Horror Jump) [08 Jan 2018|02:03pm]


Welcome to Silent Hill )

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